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Austin Dog Zone helped me address my dog’s leash reactivity in just a few lessons. The change was impressive and made my life, and my dog’s, so much better.
Zoey C.
318d ago

I did not hire due to personal reasons, but they were outstanding in the areas of responsiveness, courteous handling of concerns, competitive pricing, and flexibility. We will definitely be hiring their trainer to come to our house soon!

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Training Programs

We strive to help you and your dog live in harmony and know how rewarding a well-trained dog is to our lives. We believe dogs that are taught proper behaviors remove the stress and frustration that so many feel in their homes with an untrained dog. Well trained dogs are happier too! If you’d like to communicate with your dog better, we can help you get there.


Austin Reactive Dog Walking Meetup–have a dog that becomes excited and nervous at the sight of other dogs on leash? Would you like to practice training with a professional to improve this behavior? Check out our monthly meetup! We are receiving excellent feedback from our clients in regards to this program for both dog reactive and people reactive dogs. All dogs are screened before entering our meetup group. Please read our instructions on the meetup page before inquiring.

Austin Dog Zone offers science-based, effective obedience training for all breeds and temperaments. To learn more about us and our methods, you may find that here. See below for free training tips and advice from our most popular training posts. Here is an excellent blog post about how to find the right dog trainer, here.

Positive training is NOT permissive. There is such a thing as loving your dog too much, however and not creating boundaries and expectations they understand. And it’s also not all about treats. Food rewards can and should fade out as your timing improves and the dog understands what you’re asking. There is a lot of misunderstanding here. We fade treats out, but always reward and mark things they are doing right. You can have an amazing relationship with your dog where they trust you and love to work with you! With or without treats!

So often times it’s handler error. We can help with this. But before you get frustrated with your dog, look at how you can improve. Let’s chat soon.

As behavior specialists we focus on puppy training, adult dog training, private training, and board and train services. Common requests we help you solve include: potty training, basic obedience, puppy socialization, aggression, lunging, leash reactivity, fearful behaviors, food/toy possession, lack of manners, no recall, excessive barking, leash pulling, separation anxiety and more.

Please Email, or call: (512) 537-2364
*We serve Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Hutto, Leander, Cedar Park, and Pflugerville.

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