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Board & Train Program

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Board and Train/Day Training

We offer several options for clients: Board and Train occurs in our trainer’s home, where your dog will stay during their training for a minimum of seven days, Reverse Board and Train occurs in your home while you are either home or away and the trainer comes to you, and Day Training, where you dog is dropped off at our trainer’s home for the day and picked up in the evening for a day full of training and fun!

Puppy Ellie patiently waiting in the apartment lobby during her reverse board and train work. Client dogs are exposed to a variety of environments during training to make their behaviors more reliable.

Our Board and Train program offers the convenience and training to take place at our trainer’s personal residence. Exercise, socialization in public, and training sessions will occur while safely in the care of a professional. Your dog will be taken to public, dog-friendly locations and other local areas for obedience work with a certified trainer. Have peace of mind knowing that your dog will be able to relax with all of the amenities that your home offers in between training sessions. The best part? Your dog will receive individualized attention and training every single day while in our board and train program. If you’re looking for boarding, why not also come back home to a trained dog, too?

Why is this a better alternative to a traditional boarding/kennel situation?
This is an excellent, affordable alternative to placing your dog in a small kennel because boarding facilities are notoriously noisy, stressful environments that contribute to fence fighting with close proximities. Kennels also contribute to nuisance barking and other bad habits. Your dog does not receive nearly the amount of individualized attention that he or she would in a trainer’s home. For learning to take place, it is important that the dog is not stressed, or scared and a traditional kennel model tends to create anxiety.

Smith and Charlie practicing their “stay” out in public. Training in public helps make your dog more reliable with their training.

Whether you don’t have the time your dog needs and desire professional help, or are traveling and need a place to bring your dog, know that your dog is in the best care possible, while receiving daily exercise, care, and training in a safe home environment. We give you a list of training goals to choose from that we will practice daily. The average board and train stay varies from one week to three weeks or more. We provide pictures and video updates by request to share your dog’s progress. All board and train sessions include a FREE private, instructional session ($125.00 value) after training is completed for each week of board and train, so that the owner and dog can continue to progress effectively with the necessary tools to succeed themselves. Because our trainers share their home with other pets, any and all applicants are required to be free of aggressive behaviors, for those behaviors we suggest private training or reverse board and train.*

Reverse Board and Train, (availability dependent on location, please inquire*): We come to your home while you are at work or away for 3 hours of training throughout the day (you may also be home during the sessions too if you’d prefer). Overnight stays are a possibility as well if you are going out of town. The training will first begin in your home and your dog’s comfortable environment that he or she is used to and then the trainer will begin to practice outside the home. Reverse Board and Trains are intensive and  typically shorter in length (5-7 days) because the dog is able to learn alternative behaviors we want, right where problem behaviors may be occurring. All reverse board and train sessions also include a FREE private, instructional session ($125.00 value) after training is completed.

Day Training **NEW!**: Due to client requests to add this service we now offer day training! Drop off your dog at our trainer’s home in the morning for a fun-filled day of training, socialization and exercise. Pick up at the end of the day. This is open to only approved applicants and past board and train clients. Monday-Friday. Buy five training sessions and get a whole day for free!

These programs are a perfect, convenient choice for those of you with extremely busy schedules. You understand the importance and need to train your dog, but you are too pressed for time to be at group classes each week. Considering the cost to board your dog while you are away, or hire a pet sitter both programs offer a practical alternative to also have your dog trained in the process, too. These programs are excellent for setting the foundation for training or as a refresher course too.

Call us to learn more! Space is limited. We serve Leander, Georgetown, Cedar Park. Round Rock and Austin for these two services.
512-537-ADOG or


Quinn went from an 100lb+ puppy, who was impossible to handle, to a mannerly, gentle giant during his private training and board and train (also pictured, Maggie and Rosie).

Rocky improving his confidence skills and exposure to new services while at his board and train stay.