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Private Dog Training

Why Private Training?
Private training is an excellent option for one-on-one attention towards any training goal you may have with your dog. We receive inquiries for private training because an owner is looking for results and wants to address something specific with a certified, experienced dog trainer. Here are some common reasons our clients choose private training with us:

  • puppy training 101 (potty training, bite inhibition, socialization)
  • basic obedience training
  • not coming when called
  • bolting through doorways
  • rehabilitation of adopted rescue dogs in home
  • chewing/destructive behavior in the home/yard
  • ¬†jumping up on people
  • pulling on leash
  • separation anxiety
  • aggression towards people and/or other dogs
  • poor manners with guests, reactivity at the doorbell
  • leash reactivity (barking, lunging, whining, growling at the sight of other dogs on leash)
  • fearfulness (storms, other dogs, people, etc.)
  • hyperactivity, lack of focus
  • introduction of new dogs in the household
  • introduction of babies into a home
  • safe child and dog interaction in home
  • therapy dog prep
  • trick training, and more.

You might have something in mind that you have always wanted your dog to do, but need guidance and instruction on getting there. Our job is to give you the instruction and resources, so that you and your dog may live in harmony. Private dog training allows for personalized assistance catered exactly to you and your dog. Unlike group classes, materials covered are specific to you.

Where are sessions held?
Private sessions are held conveniently within a client’s home first because that is where the behaviors are occurring. Sometimes sessions are held at public locations to practice training. The location also depends on the client’s wishes and our training recommendations.

How long are the sessions?
Private consults are one hour in length and allow us to assess how much training will be necessary to see improvement. Private training sessions are 90 minutes long for the first appointment and typically 75 minutes for following appointments. We do not recommend more training sessions than what is necessary for you to succeed on your own.  Ultimately, our goal is to give you the tools you need to continue training yourself in a mutually respectful, positive manner that yields results.

Do you offer discounts for multiple training sessions and what is the pricing?

The price for a training consult/behavior assessment is $75 for 1 hour. Private training sessions are 90 minutes in length for $125 per session. However, you can save money (and book any or all sessions in advance) if you purchase one of the following private session packages:

2 session package, $237.50 – Saves 5%
4 session package, $450 – Saves 10%
6 session package, $637.50 – Saves 15%
8 session package, $800 – Saves 20%
10 session package, $937.50 – Saves 25%

We recommend you contact us with your training goals, so that we may assess your dog’s behavior and give you the best training recommendations. In addition to Austin and the surrounding area, we now serve Leander, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown and Hutto. Please Email, or call, 512.537.2364 for details.


Pictured below are some memorable success stories: Oliver, the Yorkie, used to be a leash lunger at other dogs, bikes, and people on walks. He has made tremendous progress and can now be walked calmly! Also pictured are helpers, Maggie and Rosie. Davy (Lab pictured) was unable to be around other dogs for years prior to private training. Buddy (Black Mouth Cur), is an eight year old, powerful rescue without any prior training, proving that old dogs can learn and be delightful family members!