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The folks at Austin Dog Zone gave our puppy Henry such a wonderful time at both our private lessons and his board and train. It was our first time leaving him, so we were obviously very nervous, but he ended up having so much fun, I think he was a little sad to come back home! I would certainly recommend using Austin Dog Zone for all your training and boarding needs.

Recent Posts: Training

What the Click?!

May 5, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Training
Before you start with clicker training, you must teach your dog that the sound of the clicker has a positive and significant meaning. This is called “loading the clicker,” and only needs to be done the first few times that the clicker is introduced to your dog. Once your dog knows what the sound means, […] [ Read More ]

Training Your Dog to Accept Ear Medication

April 27, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Training
Have a dog that hates getting ear medication, or even their ears touched? This cute client used to have to be sedated by the vet for ear treatments, but now readily accepts it through our training steps. Illustrated is our three step process. Have more questions? Contact: To view the video go here. The […] [ Read More ]

A Quick Idea to Add Variety, Using Ice Trays

April 21, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in All Dog Categories, Training, Wellness
If you feed a raw diet, you know that it is sometimes hard to incorporate as much variety as you would like. Even if you don’t feed raw, below is a cheap and easy way to make your own DIY training treats! (best if fed frozen and in a crate) Ingredients: -hamburger meat -beef kidney […] [ Read More ]

Lacking Leadership with Your Dog?

April 19, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Training
4 Ways to Lose the Attitude and Gain Respect — On Both Ends of the Leash 1. Stop Labeling It may make you feel better to pinpoint a word or phrase to describe why your dog behaves a certain way ●        She is very “dominant” ●        He is being “stubborn” ●        She has “Attention-Deficit Disorder” […] [ Read More ]