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I have a reactive rescue dog that would bark and lunge at other dogs on leash. I have learned so much from and enjoy the monthly meetups!

Recent Posts: Training

Dog Aggression, Redirected

January 25, 2012 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Training
Recently, we asked on our facebook page if anyone had a specific behavioral or training question. We received some great questions. Lesley M’s chosen question was, “Why does my dog growl and bite at her sister when she sees another dog?” Your Dog’s Mind When He Passes His Threshold When a dog becomes fixated on a stimulus, such as another dog on the side of the street, his mind cannot think clearly until that trigger is out of sight, or reach. You might see it in his body. He becomes incredibly tense and focused, like a ticking time bomb. He no longer listens or even hears you. [ Read More ]

Get in “Touch” With Your Canine Companion

November 21, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Training
Learn why and how to use hand targeting with your dog Got something to say to your dog? Let your hands do the talking! “Touch” is a targeting skill that occurs when a dog moves from wherever they are to a specific area (your hand). “Touch” is marked by the dog firmly pressing the end […] [ Read More ]

The Number One Reason People Are Afraid to Train Their Dogs

November 18, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Our Lives With Dogs, Training
The Number One Reason People Are Afraid to Train Their Dogs So, if you’ve been following our Facebook page, you know I recently adopted an 8 year old Golden Retriever. He’s a handsome boy with a delightful personality, but he has little to no training. I picked him up on Monday, and took him to […] [ Read More ]

Tips for Halloween with Your Dog

October 17, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in All Dog Categories, Training, Wellness
Halloween: A time for candy and costumes for us humans. As much as we may enjoy this holiday, Halloween can be confusing and scary for our canine friends. Have you seen some of those costumes out there? I can’t imagine what they look like to a dog. 🙂 Here are some safety tips and things […] [ Read More ]

How to Integrate a New Dog into Your Household

September 30, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Training
Before I start to give tips on how to integrate a new dog, first let me give you certain characteristics to look for when adding a new dog to your household. Typically, opposite sex, similar size, and similar energy level dogs get along very well. There are examples that show large dogs and small dogs […] [ Read More ]

Your Dog and Children: Keeping Things Safe

September 14, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Training
When I was a young, wee little child, my parents purchased a Lhasa Apso. Neither of them had much dog experience, but both caved to the cuteness overload that is a puppy and brought “Missy” home soon after that. I have no memories of this besides seeing the dog in pictures with me. As a […] [ Read More ]