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A big thank you to Austin Dog Zone for helping me and my dog, Joni, to learn to overcome leash aggression by providing the fundamentals needed to achieve success in turning this behavior around. They gave us all the tools necessary to keep the momentum going. The rest is up to Joni and me.

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Extreme Pet Food Couponing

July 12, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Our Lives With Dogs, Wellness
Save on your pet’s food – help feed homeless pets Learn how to save in a huge way when you shop for pet food & supplies. You may have heard about or seen “Extreme Couponing,” a popular new reality show that is currently running on TLC. Like most people, I’ve reacted with both amazement and […] [ Read More ]

Summer Health Tips from Dr. Santschi

June 29, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Wellness
Heartworm disease: Mosquitoes are everywhere! Heartworms are parasites transmitted by mosquitoes that can lead to life threatening complications to your dog or cat. Ask your veterinarian about the various heartworm preventives and have your dog or cat tested for the presence of heartworms. Prevention is easy, unfortunately the treatment for this disease can be expensive […] [ Read More ]

Keeping Canines Calm During Storms & Fireworks

June 27, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Training, Wellness
4 Ways to Relieve & Reduce Your Dog’s Fears Sound phobias for dogs are often found in the sky; loud claps of thunder and exploding fireworks are effects that cause most of our canine companions to experience anywhere from a mild to moderate amount of stress. For others, these sounds may induce severe bouts of […] [ Read More ]

Drool Worthy Treat Recipes

June 18, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Our Lives With Dogs, Wellness
Have you ever wanted to make your own dog treats? If so, then it is time to put on your baking face and gather up supplies! We asked you to send us some of your dog’s favorite treat recipes and these were the entries we received that are notably drool worthy: Beef DuJour Beef liver […] [ Read More ]

Traveling with Your Dog This Summer? 5 Tips To Know

June 15, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Our Lives With Dogs, Wellness
Hooray for summer! People are taking vacations and road trips more than any other time of the year and now more than ever, you are bringing your dogs too! Traveling with your dog can be a fun and positive experience for everyone, but it is important to do your homework first. 1. Plan There are […] [ Read More ]

A Veterinarian’s Personal Perspective: Making Tough Decisions for Our Pets Pt. 3

June 3, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Our Lives With Dogs, Wellness
This past week has all but made my decision for me. Tsisdu has had some good days and some not so good on the high dose of steroids we started at the oncologist’s office. Her enlarged nodes in the area beneath her jaw became soft and swollen for a couple of days, and then returned […] [ Read More ]