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Caitlin was super patient with my dogs and respected them and most importantly didn’t give up on them. I would recommend this business to any and all of my friends and plan to get more help from them for one individual dog who was a problem with children. Both Caitlin and Laura are very sweet, easy to get in contact with and great to do business with!–Stephanie M.

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Natural Flea Control for Dogs

May 14, 2015 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Wellness
There are so many flea control products available for dogs and I think I have tried them all. We live in a climate that has horrible flea infestations the majority of the year. I’ve tried the topical chemicals but did not like the effects on our dogs, my 15 year old Golden, especially. We also […] [ Read More ]

Dog Training Methods vs. Jargon

July 13, 2012 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Training, Wellness
This story inspired me to write about some of the common jargon an unassuming person may hear when looking for a dog trainer. As with anything that creates controversy, or allows for multiple opinions, dog training is right up there on the list of hot topics. There are a colorful spectrum of opinions on it. […] [ Read More ]

Symptoms of a Poor Diet in Dogs

January 25, 2012 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Wellness
Meet Attila while on a food high in grains, artificial colors and preservatives. Her food was also deficient in high quality protein sources, so she wasn’t thriving on her old diet. She sometimes dug at her skin and itched. If you look closely at her picture, you can see the pink irritation in her skin. […] [ Read More ]

Tips for Halloween with Your Dog

October 17, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in All Dog Categories, Training, Wellness
Halloween: A time for candy and costumes for us humans. As much as we may enjoy this holiday, Halloween can be confusing and scary for our canine friends. Have you seen some of those costumes out there? I can’t imagine what they look like to a dog. 🙂 Here are some safety tips and things […] [ Read More ]

A New Canvas: The Importance of Puppy Socialization

August 11, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Training, Wellness
A puppy is like a new canvas. They are not blank slates due to genetic and environmental factors, but they still will need our help with navigating their world. Everything about them is new, which leaves them extremely impressionable to their experiences within the next several weeks. You may be asking, “When is it ok […] [ Read More ]

Coupon Rescue Challenge Program

July 14, 2011 | by Austin Dog Zone
Posted in Our Lives With Dogs, Wellness
Austin Dog Zone’s Coupon Rescue Challenge (CRC) Program: “Say Yes to Rescue Pets, Say No to Retail Prices” Austin Dog Zone needs your help to send high quality pet food and other supplies to local shelters and rescue groups. It’s EASY and costs NOTHING for you to participate (really!): 1. You send us coupons from […] [ Read More ]